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Price List

All makeup applications include strip lashes.

Makeup Application

$95     60 mins

Bridal Trial

$125 each   60-90 mins

Bridal Make-up

$125    60-90 mins


$95     60 mins

Jr. Bridesmaid

$75/$85     45 mins  no lashes/with lashes

Mother of Bride

$85     45 mins

Strip Lashes

$15     15 mins

New client with previous microblading

Unfortunately I'm no longer taking clients who have had PMU done by another artist. If the pigment is completely faded/removed a full session will be accepted. If your not sure, please send a picture of brows and we can assist you! 504-777-3535

Full Microblading

$400    120 mins

Microblading Touch Up (6-8 weeks after full session

$150    75 mins

Microblading Color Boost (Yearly)

$200+     90+ mins

Full Pow Pow Brows

$500     2.5-3 hrs

Pow Pow Brow Touch Up (6-8 weeks after full session)

$150     1.5 hrs

Pow Pow Color Boost (Yearly)

$200+     2 hrs

Full Microblading w/ Machine Shading

$450  120 mins

Brow Wax

$15     15 mins

Brow Lift Only

$65     30 mins

Brow Lift & Wax

$80     45 mins

Brow Lift, Wax, & Tint

$100     60 mins

Procell Therapies

$150+     30-60 mins


$40     30 mins

LED Red Light Therapy

$30   5 mins

Price List: Services

Cancelation Policy

We kindly ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 24 hrs before the beginning of your appointment or you will be charged a cancellation fee. If appointment is canceled without 24 hr notice 50% of the service's cost will be charged. If the client is a No-Show, 100% of the service will be charged. No Exceptions.

Thank you for understanding!

-The Beauty Marks Team

(Cancelation policy may vary per artist).

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